Our creative identity is always evolving!

Takeaway shared on Twitter, from my #ISTECCL catalyst talk!

Are you a creative?

I gave the above TedTalk-style catalyst presentation about creative identities, at last year’s ISTE Creative Constructor Lab virtual conference, where I discussed this very question.

Whether it’s a learned ideal, or a norm that we’ve accepted over time, we generally tend to relate creativity to the arts, music, theatre, etc. So does that mean that only people working in those fields, are creative? Of course not! But, that’s what we tend to think.

So does that mean that I’m already a creative individual? Of course it does! And if you didn’t know that already, then welcome to your first day as a creative.

The word creativity, is derived from the verb ‘to create‘ – something new, different, or unusual, which lies at the heart of innovation.

The innovation process begins with the creativity of individuals, so the generation of a new idea is a cognitive process, located within individuals, albeit fostered by interaction processes, for example, in teams.

(Mumford & Gustafson, 1988)

When was the last time you created something? Making breakfast, doodling on a sticky note, or even sharing a story or reel on Instagram. These are all simple examples of things I do daily. These are all things that add-up to my creative process. Your creative process is all the steps that happen when you create something.

We are all unique and different human beings. We have the capacity to learn, create, and innovate.

Adobe have some fun creative tools to unpack what type of creative person you are. Have a go! There is the Creative Type Quiz, and also the Creative Potential to Lead Quiz.

I’m the Adventurer, what about you?

The Adventurer is absolutely ME!

So what’s a creative identity?

Well, I definitely didn’t need a quiz to explain what kind of creative I am. But! The Adobe Create quizzes are always SO much fun to take, and just look how adorable the fluffy orange mascot is! In all honesty, I have felt like a creative individual my whole life. From growing up speaking different languages and traveling the world since the age of six, to playing the flute, designing, and even live streaming. Creativity has been an ongoing growth process since I was a child, and it continues to evolve the older I get.

What about creativity people who don’t speak different languages, who don’t believe they’re musically talented, or struggle with colors, etc.?

Again, telling a story, drawing on the side of your notebook, playing video games, and more! These are all examples that can make-up an individual’s creative journey.

A creative identity for me, is more about how we connect to our creative side, whatever that might be.

One of my #eduTGIF Behance livestreams focused on just that: All about … ME!

I connect through languages, music, illustration, but I come ALIVE creatively, when I collaborate and share those things with others. And just as the science direct journal above explains, interaction is a way to foster innovation and creativity.

Some people take beautiful photographs on their nature walks, and turn them into amazing pieces of art, just like my dear friend Theresa Jackson!

What I love most about the webpage she created, is not just the photographs, it’s how she shares a piece of herself with the world.

This resonates so much with me, I love traveling and sharing too! Theresa’s creative way of sharing her travels, allowed me to connect with her.

Sharing is a way of connecting with others.

Being able to share digitally, just means it’s easier to connect globally.

Can creative identities help with SEL, help learners to feel a sense of ‘belonging’ in their communities?

These are both very important questions!

I couldn’t think of a better way to answer them, than to do exactly what I’ve been talking about…connecting creatively!

Join our #audiospace in @SkilledSpace -> bit.ly/breakerspace!

Join Code Breaker‘s (@codebreaker) #BreakerSpace in @SkilledSpace this week. It’s an audio space where we can have an audio #edChat, without video!

I’ve invited one of the education community’s experts on ‘belonging’, @IleneWinokur, to share her expertise on social emotional learning.

Ilene is the author of Journey to Belonging, which is also available here. She also hosts a podcast, provides expertise on her website, and also shares her reflections in this Wakelet.

I look forward to learning from her ideas about how creative identities can support learners and educators in schools.

And most importantly, we’d love to learn from you too!

That’s right, Swivl‘s Skilled Space is an opportunity for educators and leaders to join and share their ideas on this topic as well.

So please join us this week at bit.ly/breakerspace, to connect and share your voice!

Is the timing tricky? It could very well be, as I’m joining from England, UK, and Ilene is joining from Kuwait – both on a teaching day. But guess what? We are going to record this very exciting conversation with everyone, and I’ll share it on my podcast. So don’t worry. Even if you can’t make it live, you can tune-in in a few weeks to catch the replay and keep the conversation going.

What questions would you like to add to the #BreakerSpace conversation?

Share them in the comments below, and see you on Wednesday (9pm PT) / Thursday (5am GMT).

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