“In my Universe, the only constant is change. I’m focusing on respecting and appreciating each part of every process.”


This is what I wrote on my #OneWord2021 sketchnote at the beginning of January this year. Can you guess what my word is for 2021?

If you guessed change, it was a good guess, but it’s actually process.

Change is what surrounds me, both personally and professionally each day, and has always been such a big part of my life. Process is the word that I chose for 2021 however, because it’s what I wanted to focus on challenging myself mentally with this year. It’s not easy working through change, even if you’ve been working through it for decades. Layers of complexities shift as we move through life. We experience life, which causes movement, and leads to choices along pathways.

Why ‘process’?

I’m actually feeling really grateful that I actually have something to return and reflect on, both as an image, but also as a video. There is a saying that says that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Well, I believe that video as an animated image, ‘is worth a thousand emotions’. Have you tried video blogging (aka vlogging) or livestreaming yet? Being my authentic self on live video, sharing my ideas and feelings creatively, helps me connect. It helps me to connect to myself, through the creativity process, as well as connect with others globally.

So, why did I choose process as my word for 2021? The first eight minutes of this #OneWord2021 livestream replay really says it all…take a look.

Have you been sharing your #OneWord2021 across the year?

I then also created a brand new #OneWord2021 sketchnote to share the process of introducing a #OneWord___ lesson to learners in classrooms.

I also really enjoyed collaborating with others across the first half of this year, about their #OneWord2021, sharing in the growth process globally.

And what an honor to share the #BookCampPD space for #OneWord2021, cushioned between BRAVE.

What a beautiful gem to stumble upon, as I stepped bravely into 2021, and still thinking about stepping courageously into 2022!

Some choices may lead to success, but some will also lead to failure. Process is what truly helped me to focus on the progress I made through those processes. We work to help educators and learners learn about the importance of #failforward and celebrating successes when we fail, but how good are we at actually ‘practicing what we preach’ ourselves? I’ve previously been really good at giving myself the ‘it’s ok, I’ll do it better next time,’ or ‘that’s great, I’ll know what to do differently next time’ pep-talk…but is it a pep-talk that we actually need though?

What I’ve learned…

By focusing on the process(es), I’ve actually learned new skills! It wasn’t until my husband said to me the other week: “You don’t actually get as stressed as you used to do”, that I actually realized how much I’ve grown this year. I’ve not only learned to accept more through processing, but I’ve become even more resilient as a result. Becoming more resilient, means that I don’t actually need the pep-talks as often, or sometimes at all, anymore.

Strange, right? I don’t think so.

I’m not complacent and I never back down from challenging things. I have however, learned to handle challenges better emotionally, mentally, and therefore physically.

My lower back, for instance, has been playing up a bit this holiday season. Rather than getting stressed out that I might have a relapse, I chose to work through the process constructively. I booked a physiotherapy session the same day, and then rested for five days with stretching and mobility. I remember vividly, just getting on with the recovery steps. Taking steps and working through the recovery process, rather than worrying or feeling sad about my situation = progress.

I’ve now since completed a 10km workout this week, and I’m about to do another 5km and go swimming. I’ve learned that part of processing the ups and downs, is understanding the steps needed to get you from A to B, and materializing strategies to achieve them. I think that learning to respect the ups and downs, means we are actually making progress towards what we want to achieve.

Is there still room for growth?

Of course there’s still room for growth!

As an overachiever, I’m still hard on myself when I don’t achieve my goals exactly as planned, which means that process hasn’t been achieved 100%.

I was thinking about adding ‘yet’ to that previous sentence, but I changed my mind at the last minute. My aim may have been to achieve that percentile previously, but that’s also something I’ve learned this year…

Process = PROGRESS, and that, will always be enough.”


Process will always be a part of me now. It’s something that’s built me stronger this year, and I’m proud of my progress! I’m not going to continue to focus on process for 2022, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not ‘at work’ behind the scenes.

This is more than just an acquired skill now though, this is a mentality, and I’m grateful for this learning journey. This rich mentality will be an important part of what propels me forward through unprecedented challenges this next year, striving to apply this constructively to new work surroundings and beyond.

I just know that I’ve not yet seen the best of process, and I’m excited to experience even more growth in that area next year.

Where does that lead me for 2022?

Well, just as I shared with my colleague across borders, Sandra, this morning…I wasn’t ready to solidify my #OneWord2022, until I’d ‘closed the chapter’ for #OneWord2021. This blog has been part of that process, to reflect and share my takeaways. Ideating however, is also a crucial step in processing my #OneWord2022.

So I’m going to create a vision-board to visualize my goals for 2022. Once I’ve visualized what I want to learn and achieve next year, then I’d like to derive a word which will support that next part of my journey.

So, please do join me on #eduTGIF tomorrow, as I take creative and vulnerable risks to sketchnote my vision-board. I’ll be livestreaming at sunrise in my UK timezone, bright and early at 6:00am GMT. I’d love to celebrate with you all in the live chat, and invite you to sketchnote alongside me. We can celebrate the making process of our #OneWord2022 creatively together!

You can grab your free e-tickets here!

I’ll then take the rest of the week to process my vision board, and create my #OneWord2022 sketchnote the following Friday, 7th January, 2022.

What about you? Have you shared your #OneWord2022 reflection(s) yet? Learning and growing together is another crucial part of the personal and professional development process. I’d love to read your takeaways and celebrate your growth this past year as well. Please do share a link below, and/or tag me on socials.

I wish you all a safe and prosperous New Year ahead, full of magical sparks to manifest your goals and dreams.

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